The success of AEA depends on you. Unless individual Engineers buy into the concept of AEA, we, as a Profession, will never achieve the high economic and social status that we deserve. Only through unity can we attain our goal.

It is essential, that you, the reader, understand this fundamental concept. If you and your colleagues join AEA in large numbers, in a short time we can be a powerful and influential organization. To make it easy for all Engineers to join we have purposely made the membership fee nominal. Since the fee is low, we do need a large membership to generate the necessary funds to finance our campaign. If we can recruit 5% of the more than 3 million Engineers, we can be a major player in the political arena. Even though we can be a force to be reckoned with only a small percentage of the total Engineering population, AEA is committed to recruiting 100% of the Engineers in the USA.

To summarize, our message is simple. You, the Engineer, are the key to the success of AEA. If you are convinced that AEA is a vehicle for raising the stature of our Profession and improving the economic and social lot of all Engineers, then all it takes is a minor investment of money and time. Join us, convince your colleagues to also join and, if you can, volunteer some time to the AEA. Only you can make it happen. Together, in unity, we can control our destiny. The choice is yours!