The objectives of AEA will be achieved by a variety of means. AEA works on several fronts in trying to promote our agenda. We use public relations and the news media to educate the public and get their support. We will also put a lot of effort in educating the members of our Profession and the general Public on the proper role of Engineering in our society.

AEA is committed to becoming actively involved in political action. This is an area that has been ignored for too long. We need to be major players in the political process. The Engineering Profession must be able to control its own destiny. We cannot leave it up to others to set the parameters for us. In addition, AEA is dedicated to promoting networking among all members of our Profession.

The following initiatives are the key in accomplishing AEA’s objectives:

A. Size and Solidarity

We must achieve a "critical mass" of Engineering practitioners in order to put forth our Agenda. A huge number of members will ensure that we will be successful without resorting to unjustified confrontation or less than ethical tactics. Key to accomplishing the necessary size is our faith in each other, and the determination to see it through.

B. Education

Engineers, the Public and the Political establishment must all be educated on the unacceptability of the status quo. We will disseminate information using all communication media. Education of Engineers will keep them aware of situations that affect their Profession, and what can be done to improve them. Education of the Public will increase awareness of the technical nature of many societal issues and the reasons Engineers are better prepared than others to make key decisions.

C. Political Action

If we do not participate in the political life of our society, we are ignoring a major factor influencing our lives. AEA will heighten the awareness of Engineers to political aspects of professional practice. As situations develop, legislation will be used to address them. Sometimes political actions may be taken by others, and sometimes we may see the need for changes. In either case, we will have to be ready to make our positions known to the political establishment and the Public in general. AEA will also seek to sensitize legislators to advancing the public interest by advancing our goals since the two are mutual.

D. Preparing for the Future

Achieving our proper role in society demands that we prepare future Engineers for Leadership. Academia must be recruited as partners in the process. Erosion of the curricula must be reversed. AEA will develop Student Chapters to provide direct mentoring and generate dialogue with academics in order to improve Engineering education, as well as broaden the curricula to include more non-technical studies. AEA will develop a series of informational presentations for pre-high school and high school students to orient them on the importance of Engineering in their lives.

In implementing our plan of action, AEA intends to work with other Engineering Societies. AEA looks at other Engineering Societies and technical groups as allies in our campaign to elevate the Engineering Profession. We believe that all Engineers, irrespective of discipline or employment status, share common interests. These common interests that bind us into one Profession are much greater than any perceived conflict. AEA plans to build on this commonality of interests.