Membership Classes

MEMBERS: Graduate of an ABET recognized Engineering Program, or a Licensed P.E. or L.S.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Anyone with training or interest in Engineering, or is supportive of the goals of the AEA

STUDENT MEMBER: Any student enrolled in an Engineering or Technical curriculum

INTERNATIONAL MEMBER: Anyone interested in Engineering who resides in another country

1. Only the "Member" category may vote or hold elective office.
2. Chapters may be formed based on either geography or unit of employment.
3. New members may affiliate with a Chapter or be part of a national "At Large" Chapter.
4. Annual Dues: Per Calendar year (Jan 1st through Dec. 31st)
5. If you prefer to mail in your application - click here

$10.00 for Student Members - click here

$20.00 for all categories of membership except Student Member