AEA Advocates for Public Safety – Update (2/11/2018)

In May of 2017, AEA sent a letter (see May 6 letter below) to Mayor DeBlasio alerting him (and other stakeholders who received a copy of the letter) of a dangerous condition that merited his immediate attention. The letter did not trigger an immediate response as we had anticipated. However, that changed when a steel plate fell on the grounds of the Climbing Wall Facility located below the Manhattan Bridge on the Brooklyn side. Immediately, the Facility was shut down. An inspection of the train tracks above cleared the way for re-opening of the Facility. Unfortunately, the Mayor did not acknowledge our letter or reach out to us for advice or guidance. To this day we have not heard from this Administration. However, we do know that action is being taken by one of the City’s Agencies. We hope that the City will take immediate and swift action to ensure Public Safety.

AEA will monitor the response of the Mayor (and other stakeholders) and will take additional steps if this dangerous situation is not remediated (see letters below).