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AEA was formed to advance the professional, economic and social interests of all Engineers regardless of field of practice or employment status, while at the same time defending the safety and interests of the Public.

AEA aims to unify the Engineering Profession so that it can speak with one voice. To date, no Engineering organization has been able to do that. AEA intends to galvanize the Engineers of this country into concerted actions so that we, as a united profession, can address the serious problems that affect all of us.

There are approximately 3 Million Engineers in the U.S. If we can mobilize them into one organization, AEA, which will be the standard bearer for the Engineering Profession, there can be no doubt that we will achieve our objectives. The Engineering Profession can literally transform itself in a short time, once we achieve unity.

Do we need yet another Engineering Society? Yes! If any of the long standing Societies had achieved the goal of significant economic and social benefit for Engineers, there would be no reason for the AEA.
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Latest News

    June 03
    On April 12, 2018, Salvatore Galletta, PE, AEA Chair, and George Tavoulareas, PE, NSPE-Queens Chapter President, did a...
    April 18
    On March 20, 2018 Salvatore Galletta, PE, AEA chair, made a presentation to Computer Science/IT students at Long Island...