A. All job postings shall meet the following criteria:
a. Engineering positions shall be only for Engineers.
b. No technician / technologist can apply for an Engineering position.
c. An Engineer may fill a technician / technologist position.
d. In accordance with ASCE Guidelines, ASCE titles are to be used for Engineers who have graduated from an ABET recognized Engineering Program. ASCE defines nine (9) Engineering grades, i.e. ASCE I/IT thru ASCE IX. ASCE grade IV and above require a Professional Engineer (PE) license. NICET titles cannot be substituted for Engineering titles, i.e. ASCE grades.
e. NICET titles (i.e. NICET I, II, Ill, IV) were developed to certify various levels of technical competence. These NICET titles are not interchangeable with ASCE titles. ASCE grades are applicable to all Engineering disciplines.
f.  Definitions:
• Engineer - an individual who has graduated from an ABET recognized Engineering curriculum
• ABET - Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
• ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers
• NICET - National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies

B. All resume postings shall meet the following criteria:
• Resume shall state the educational level of the individual.
• Resume shall list all licenses, certificates, etc. (e.g. PE license).
• Resume seeking an Engineering position by an individual who is not an Engineer (see definition of an Engineer above) shall not be allowed.